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Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 31, 2013 Thursday Afternoon

Tony got home early last night from work.  He was home before 5 PM, even before I fed the dogs supper.   Fed the dogs and got supper fast tracked to eat a little early.  Spent the night watching American Idol.  Went to the bedroom around 9 PM for a round of lovin before we went to sleep.  Had a hard time sleeping last night due to the wind and something lightly banging against the outside wall.  I think it is the outside window canopy.  When it is warmer outside I will have to fix what is making the noise.  Too cold out there now.

Got up this morning at 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Spent the morning reading the morning newspaper, catching up on emails I needed to respond to, and then I had a thought.  We have an old toilet in the basement that we removed from the first bathroom years ago.  It is not hooked up and just a spare.  I thought, maybe I can change out the flush unit in that toilet with the one that doesn't work, that Tony broke the night before.  I usually leave mechanical, electric and plumbing issues to Tony.  Disconnected the unit on the toilet tank not being used in the basement with the one in my bathroom.  Took me about a half hour.  I was so proud of myself when I got it all hooked up and flushed the toilet, and it worked great.  Had to disconnect the water hose to the toilet, remove the broken unit in the tank,  connect the one from the basement, connecting the water and everything.  Then had to adjust the water level on the uni.  If I had waited for Tony to do it who knows when that toilet would have gotten fixed.  I do enjoy challenging myself like this.  I am so afraid of someday Tony not being around for problems like this.  So when I fix these kind of issues it makes me feel like I could make it.  Guess I can put plumber on my resume?  Made a quick batch of chocolate chip cookies.  Laid down on the bed with the dogs around 1 PM and of course the phone rang 15 minutes later.  Was a board member and we ended up talking for a half hour.  After that I just got up out of bed and made myself a cup of coffee.  It is in the teens today in Milwaukee with a wind chill of zero.  Kinda cold, but tomorrow is suppose to be even worse.  High of 5 degrees tomorrow.  Damn that is going to be cold.  I will have to leave the house tomorrow to have lunch with the guys.  Will be hard to do with it being so damn cold.  Will most likely have Tony pick me up on his way there since by the time he would pick me up his car might be warm.  Making a Lasagna hamburger helper tonight for supper with a salad and bread.  Will most likely spend the night watching American Idol and then Glee before we go to bed.

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  1. Dave, have you and Tony ever considered moving to a state with warmer, all year round nice weather like Florida or California? I think that being able to go outside and walk your dogs whenever you want would make a world of difference in your spirits and your overall health.