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Thursday, May 2, 2013

May 2, 2013 Thursday Afternoon

Spent last night watching TV from the DVR.  Watched a couple episodes of Operation Repo, Revenge and The Following before going to bed around 10 PM.  Was not happy with The Followings final show.  Heck, they killed everyone off we cared about and watched all season.  Not sure where the show will go from here next season.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work.  Spent the early morning reading the newspaper.  Showered and headed out the door by 9 AM to get breakfast at McDonald's and then go to Walmart.  I do not like going to Walmart and only go every couple months to buy Insulin and needles for Vito.  While I am there I stock up on needed household items to last a couple months.  Ended up spending over $300.  Of course the Insulin and needles were $80 of the total, but I still could not believe when I was told how much my cart of stuff would cost.  Was mad when I got home and looked at the receipt to see the clerk did not put my $2 coupon for canned dog food I bought.  The only reason I bought the damn food was because I had the coupon.  Not much I can do now.  Would have paid for the two breakfast burritos I had at McDonald's.  Got home by 11 AM and unpacked all the bags.  Spent the afternoon listening to music, taking a short nap with the dogs on the bed, and making a mix CD of my favorite songs to play in the car.  Making a Hormel beef roast, beef rice and salads for supper tonight.  I am sure we will again spend the night watching TV from the DVR since the DVR recorded shows all night last night while we watched what was already recorded.  There are over 55 shows on the DVR right now so we have a lot to watch to get caught up.  It was 80 degrees yesterday at noon.  Today at noon it was 42 degrees.  Quite a change and I am not to happy.  It is windy, cold, cloudy and rain is coming.   Not much change the next few days.  Guess we had Spring the past two days and it's over?

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