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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 8, 2013 Wednesday Afternoon

Spent last night watching Splash and Dancing Results just as planned.  As we started watching Body Of Proof the phone rang and it was the neighbor across the alley.  She told me the neighbors dogs got one of the cat we saw earlier in the day.  She said it was horrible and I should come outside.  I put on my sweat shirt and told Tony to get outside.  The neighbor said the two Pitbulls next door cornered the black cat in corner of the fence and it was a big fight before the neighbor got out and pulled his dogs off the cat.  She then said the neighbors just went inside and she watched the cat try to drag it's body down the sidewalk.  I came outside with flashlight and soon we found the cat hiding under their back porch, bloody, torn and in pain.   The neighbors with the Pits wanted nothing to do with the situation since their dogs attacked another dog last Summer in the alley.  We called the Milwaukee Animal Control and they arrived in about 45 minutes.  Nice guy and did a good job of getting the cat out without causing to much pain.  I actually walked away from the porch and into the alley as the Animal Control guy tried to get the cat because I thought the sounds would be too horrible to sleep with tonight.  Makes me so damn mad that people leave their cats to run the neighborhood.  I don't let my dogs run the neighborhood.  Poor cat.  I am sure it has bad injuries and a broken leg from what animal control told us as they had the cat in the cage.  Blood everywhere.  So damn sad.  What really makes me uneasy is the fact that yesterday afternoon after I had heard there were two cats in our yards, as I tried to take a nap, I had this awful thought about the dogs across the alley getting one of the cats.  I even said to myself to remind them again later that night to look for the cats before they let their dogs out.  I honestly had a hard time getting this thought out of my head while I tried to nap and now am shaking my head as to why I had this vision 7 hours before it happened.  I would rather have animal control help the cat than have it slowly die in pain.  So damn sad.  Life is so hard for nature.

This morning I was up at 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Tony had mentioned last night that the new addition to the front yard might get delivered today.  He has been working on the back end of another Cadillac to put in the front yard.  We went outside before he left for work and planned where it will go and cut back some of the bushes.  He left for work.  I then read a little of the newspaper, showered, and headed out the door for McDonald's and Pick N Save.  Got home around 10:30 AM and started cleaning the windows in the front porch.  These windows probably haven't been cleaned in 20 years to be honest on the front porch.  We never use the porch and hardly use our front door that enters into it.  It took me all day to clean the windows inside and out.  The window frames are over a 100 years old so you have to be careful they don't fall apart as your cleaning them.  It is a little after 4 PM and Tony has yet to show up with the car for the front yard.  Making salads and pizza for supper tonight.  Was in the 60s and beautiful all day today in Milwaukee.

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