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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 10, 2013 Wednesday Afternoon

Spent last night watching America's Got Talent.  Spent most of the show watching it in bed with Tony and the dogs.  Turned off the TV and went to sleep around 10:20 PM after the local news.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and soon Tony left for work.  I went outside around 8 AM to pull up some deck boards.  Smells like something died under the side deck boards and I was hoping I could find the source.  Took me an hour to take the boards off and ramp apart to get to the boards.  No luck finding the smell.  The little dead devil must be under that part of the deck I can not get to.  I am hoping the smell was just because it was very humid the last few days.  I do believe a rat or mouse died under the deck and time will tell how bad it will get or go away on it's own.  Was done by 10 AM and took a shower.  Went grocery shopping in the morning and was home by noon with the groceries.  Didn't buy much since I don't plan on cooking the next few days since we have so many things planned.   Bastille Days in Downtown Milwaukee starts tomorrow and there is a family pool party and other festivals this weekend.  So I don't plan on cooking much the next few days and bought mostly fruit and milk.   Tried to take a short nap with the dogs but I just couldn't fall asleep.  I am happy to say it is after 4 PM and I have yet to take a pain pill for the Shingles eye and head pain.  First day in over a month without pain pills.  I do have a little pain still behind the eye and off course the scalp and head are sensitive.  But felt so much better and was even able to read the newspaper this morning and a couple magazines this afternoon.  It has also been over a month and a half (since Memorial Day) that I had a cigarette.  So good news.  I am disappointed my doctor never called back with the Gabapentin prescription.  Since I feel better I might just hold off even if she eventually calls it in.  I think they are not going to or would have.  Makes me a little mad the doctor or nurse never called me back about the Gabapentin and filling the prescription from the message I left yesterday.  Since I feel a bit better I think we will go out for $1 hamburgers and french fries tonight for supper.  We have not gone there in a long time and since it is nice outside and I feel better, time to start living again.  Might even have a drink.  I still have not figured out if I will walk or take my scooter to the events and festivals this weekend.  Usually Bastille Days is too crowded to think about taking the scooter, so I might have to just put on the right pair of shoes and rest a lot.  Will worry about that tomorrow.  Will most likely send the rest of the night watching Big Brother and then another America's Got Talent on TV tonight before we go to bed.  I think I will be taking a half a pain pill soon, but still, that's really good!


  1. Who's your doctor? No excuse for not getting a call back. And don't dismiss the gabapentin without trying it. It will definitely help with the post herpetic neuralgia

  2. i was tak ing1800 mg, but had to drop down to 2 cause taking 3made me real woozy and off balance. and i was told to take them with supper. i think they are working tho.

  3. foot doc told me crocs have arch support so i have me a pair too. a lot of money for shoes that look like rubber