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Friday, July 12, 2013

July 12, 2013 Friday Afternoon

Last night we walked around Bastille Days for about 2 hours.  Watched the big run start and then went to our car which was blocked because of the race and we had to watch most of the racers again at that point until the police let us get our car out of the parking ramp.  Got home around 10 PM.  My feet held out pretty good wearing my Crocks and feel like I could be a spokes person for the shoes.  Tony was actually the one to look at me a little after 9 PM and said 'have you had enough, I'm ready to go'.   Spent an hour watching TV and then went to sleep.  Was happy my feet let me walk around the festival for a couple hours.  Not sure why my feet are better.  I think it must have been the month or so I was off of them with the Shingles.   For the record, the it took me four weeks to get rid of the Shingles because I waited a week to find out I had them and start treatment.  So, get treatment early if you think you have Shingles.  I am amazed how many people I talk to who have had Shingles.

This morning I was up at 7 AM.  I could have just stayed in bed if it were not for having to feed the dogs and say goodbye to Tony.  I only got up one time all night.  The walking all night at the festival must have really tired out my body.  Actually most exercise I have gotten in months.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and Tony left for work.  Read the morning newspapers, showered, and went to Pick N Save to buy some meat and snacks to take to the pool party tomorrow.  Bought cupcakes to pass also.   Tony called just before lunch to say he would rather not go since he was working hard and sweating, and smelled.  Best not to have lunch with us then.  Had a great lunch with the guys.  I do enjoy a lunch or two without Tony there so I can just let myself say things I wouldn't if he were there.  Laughed our butts off and had a long lunch.  Came home and decided to go for a walk along the river trails.  I have not taken a walk since I think March or April when I started having feet problems.  Took a nice long walk and really enjoyed it.  Was sad to see all the trees that have fallen because of getting leaves and the ground being so soft, the trees fall.  Trees down blocking the trails in spots.  Took almost a two hour walk and really got into the nature and beauty of what is all there on the trails.  I do a lot of reflecting and thinking when I am alone walking in the woods and trails.  I look at my walks as 'me time'.   Got home and thought best to just relax for an hour on the couch.  Not sure what we are doing tonight.  All depends on how tired Tony is when he gets home from work.  If he is not too tired we will go back to Bastille Days to eat some supper and walk around for an hour or so.  If too tired we will stay home and I will have to make some food for him.  Saturday is a yearly pool party we look forward to each year.  I am so happy I am healthy and all my scabs from the Shingles are gone.  Sunday we might meet my parents at another festival.  Haven't seen them since before Easter so I do want to get together with them.  It was in the 70s, sunny, slight breeze and beautiful today.  The apartment development across the street is coming along. They put up the beginning of the second floor.  This is only the first of a four faze development.  You can see from the picture what it will look like when finished which they put on the front of the start of the development.

                                                              Have a great weekend.


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