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Friday, July 5, 2013

July 5, 2013 Friday Afternoon

Went to a car show yesterday morning on the south side of town.  It was a big car show so I brought my scooter.  I would have been fine dealing with the pain in my head, but the bright sun killed my eyes.  Spent most of the time at the car show looking down at the ground.  I should have simply stayed home.  Got home around 1 PM and took a nap with the dogs.  Did the lovin thing, was nice we got our timing back.  Made some hamburgers on the grill and spent the night watching TV from the DVR.  Went upstairs on the deck shortly after 9 PM and watched the fireworks from across the street, from the park.  Was a nice display this year.  Went to bed and watched the news, sleeping shortly thereafter.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and soon Tony left to go to work.  Spent the morning doing laundry and things around the house.  Did five loads of laundry, all the bedding and dog blankets.  The head pain is getting less with each day, but still bothers me.  I only took 4 pain pills yesterday so that tells me I am getting better.  My eye is what seems to bother me most.  I can not read without arranging the newspaper and glasses just right.  Since my nose has no feelings or feels like it is sleeping, putting the glass frame on my nose bothers me more and simply is not tolerable.  Spent a lot of time with my left eye closed.   Feels like there is always something in my left eye.  I go back to the eye doctor on Monday.  My head is very sensitive to the touch.  I still can not sleep on the pillow on my left side of my head.  It feels like the nerves in my head are all at the surface.  I can sometimes touch one and say to Tony 'here is a nerve driving my crazy'.  Had a nice lunch with the guys and then went to an auto body shop to get my car emissions tested.  I did pass and the envelope and $95 check is on the table ready to be mailed for new stickers.  No plans this weekend.  I honestly just want to keep my eyes closed or just sleep.  I hope by Monday this Shingles is gone or not bothering me as much.

The last two of the four baby Wrens left the nest on the 4th, must have been a pretty scary first night out in the world with all the fireworks. 

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