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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 23, 2013 Tuesday Dinner Time

Spent last night watching TV from the DVR and then the show Under The Dome in bed snuggling with the dogs.  Watched the local news and went to sleep by 10:30 PM.

Woke up this morning at 5 AM hearing Kali throwing up on the floor.  Jumped out of bed and got her outside.  She has been having stomach problems lately and threw up all over the house on Sunday.  Usually just a lot of bile, but it has been happening since Friday.  Got the mess cleaned up and she seemed fine so we went back to bed.  Got up again at 6:30 AM to feed them and give Vito his shot.  Called the vet this morning when they opened at 8 AM and made a 11:30 appointment for Stella to get her nails trimmed, and Kali at 3:30 PM to have the doctor check her out.  Took Stella to the Vet at 11:30 and stopped off at McDonald's for a double dollar burger and French fries.  As I ordered them I remembered we are most likely going to a car show tonight and it is at a McDonalds.  Hmm, twice in one day.   Got home and shared the French fries with the dogs.  Went for walk along the river trails.  Didn't take the longest trail since I am still working on what my feet can do and not do.   So far I have a little pain with my feet, but if I switch to my Crocs I can walk again without much pain.  So I am walking.  The Shingles and being off my feet for 2 months might have fixed my feet pain.  That or the not smoking and the med switch.  Still not a cig since Memorial Day.  Either way it is a good thing.  I could not run a marathon but I can walk through the grocery store where I couldn't a couple months ago.   Took a nice hour long walk enjoying nature and talking to myself as I walk.  LOL.  Got home and listened to music for an hour before I took Kali to the vet for her 3:30 PM appointment.  Got a spray for her skin, meds for her vomiting, and told to get Pepsid AC or the generic for her stomach.  Also have to give her a small snack at bedtime.  The computers were down so they could not tell me how much the bill would be.  I will have to pay over the phone when they call me.  I am guessing about $120.  I will let you know how close I guess when they call.  Got her home and then went to Walgreen's to get the Pepsid for Kali's stomach.  Tony just walked in the door so I have to get this finished and posted.  Guess he came home a little early to shower and go to the car show.  Off to feed the dogs.  Will then go to the south side to a car show.  It was perfect weather here in Milwaukee today.  Was partly cloudy and in the 70s with a nice breeze.  Perfect!

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