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Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013 Monday Afternoon

I should have wrote down things during the weekend so I could remember if we did anything.  When you take 7 or 8 pain pills a day, the weekend goes by in a blur.   Friday night we did watch the past two episodes of True Blood.  Getting very bored with this show and not liking the direction.  Went to bed around 10 PM to do the loving thing.  Haven't done the loving thing in a long time due to my Shingles and all the pain in my head.  Didn't work out so good on these pain pills.  Tony ended up happy, I ended up frustrated.

Saturday I am not sure if we even left the house.  As you can tell, I spent most the weekend in pain from this Shingles.   We did end up meeting some guys from lunch at a car show around 6 PM.  I could not go out into the sun light so we went as the sun was setting.  Ate supper and looked at the cars.  Soon the pain began again and it was time to take me home.  Spent Saturday night watching something on TV before going to bed.

Yesterday we did, again, very little.  We did walk up two blocks to get lottery tickets some time in the afternoon.  Other than that, I laid around holding my head in pain just wishing I would die.  Made some soup and sandwiches for lunch and didn't even make supper last night.  Went to bed and watched TV in bed all night. 

This morning I got up 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Spent some time, like each morning all weekend, throwing up bile in the sink.  Actually Saturday morning I threw up so much food you would have thought I eat out some time during the night.   This throwing up every morning is not making me happy.  I just kind of wait for it now.  Know it will come.  And just run to the sink.  Went to my 11 AM eye doctor appointment this morning.  Doctor wants me to stay on the meds for at least another week and also gave me another eye drop to start putting in my eye.  Reassured me that this is what Shingles is and I have to stop thinking in terms of days and weeks and start thinking in terms of weeks and months, when it comes to the pain going away.  I told the doctor I will need stronger meds if I have to put up with this for months.  Came home and took a two hour nap with the dogs.  Typing is very hard and I have to go back and correct every other word.  Going to the couch to put ice on my head.  Damn, Shingles sucks.    I did notice there are four baby birds in the nest and not just three like I had earlier thought.  Typing is hard, gotta go.


  1. "wishing you would die".... Seriously??? I had shingles on my face, eye, etc., and while the pain was the worst I've ever experienced, I never would say I wanted to die.

    I spent a month in intensive care on a ventilator with PCP a few years ago and I never wished for death.

    Remember---if you wish for something the universe just may say "Your wish is my command" Just saying....

  2. you have made a good point. I will chose my words more carefully. I should have said 'I wish this pain would go away'.