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Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 11, 2013 Thursday Afternoon

Spent last night watching TV and then went to bed around 9:30 PM to watch the last of a show and then the news, before going to sleep.  I had turned off the air conditioning earlier in the day because the humidity was not so bad.   I did have to turn on a fan because it was a little hot in the bedroom with me, Tony and 4 dogs. 

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and soon Tony left for work.  As he left I asked him if he would mind driving me to my parents house in Oconomowoc, which is about an hour away, to get some Gabapentin from my mom, if the doctor doesn't call in a prescription by noon.  Of course Tony said, 'I am very busy, but just let me know'.   What a great partner he is.  Everyone should have someone like Tony to help them through life.  As I got off the phone with my mom around 9 AM to figure out if we would meet half way or what to get a few of her Gabapentin's, the phone rang and it was my doctor saying they called in a prescription to Walgreen's.  Showered and went to Walgreen's to get the Gabapentin.  Took one right away when I picked them up and just took another before writing this post.  Suppose to take them three times a day I was told and they will not work right away until time when they build up in your body.  So it might take a while to get some relief, but I have my Gabapentin to try.  Took a nap with the dogs.  Not sure if the Gabapentin makes one tired, but I was.   Only took one pain pill all day yesterday and have not taken one yet today, so I am on my way to being back to normal.  I laughed as I typed 'normal'.  Too funny.  Never thought I would say I was 'normal'.  Tonight starts Bastille Days in Milwaukee and we will most likely spend the night there tonight with friends.  Always a great festival.  I say every year that this festival has the best looking men at it.  It is in the middle of downtown so lot of the business men in suits are at the festival looking nice.   I have already gone through my closet to figure out what to wear tonight.  I have not had the desire or energy to go out and do anything for over a month and I am really looking forward to getting dressed up nice and having fun at Bastille Days tonight.  Still a little worried how I will manage walking and all with my sore hurting feet.  Figure I will wear my Crocs and take the night as it goes.  If my feet hurt we will have to sit or go home.  I got outside and did some yard work today, which really felt good.  I looked up at the sky and said 'Dave is back'.  I honestly feel I lost over a month of my life due to the Shingles.  I am so happy to see my body has fight in it and I am on the way to mending.   I honestly at times in the last month thought 'just let me die' I was in so much pain.  It is amazing the state of mind and how it changes depending on how you feel.  I no say 'let me live'. 

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