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Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012 Monday Afternoon

Happy Birthday to me.  I am 51 years old today.

Saturday morning we got a call just before 10 AM that Barkley's ashes were ready to be picked up.  Tony went and got them and the urn I had picked out.  They had the ashes already in the urn when Tony returned with Barkley.  I took Stella to the vet to get shots and nails trimmed.  Turns out she has bad ear infections in both ears.  So now she is on ear drops and antibiotics, two pills, twice daily.  Trying to get her to not spit out the pills is a challenge.  She finds a way to not swallow the pill no matter if we put it in her food or a treat.  Damn dog, going to have to just thrust him down her throat if she don't take them with her food or treats.  Went to Menard's later in the afternoon and found a new carpet for the living room that we ended up buying.  Went out to lunch at Chili's.  Had a nice lunch.  Came home and spent the night watching TV on the DVR.  Went to bed around 10 PM.

Sunday morning we took Tony's mom out for breakfast.  She then wanted to go to Big Lots.  Got to Big Lots and she handed us the ad and told us what she wanted and said she would sit in the car.  Of course wasn't until we got her home we found out we got the wrong item and had to go back and get the right item and then back to her house.  Jeez, she complains about being so heavy and then can't even walk into a store.  She even at breakfast had the nerve to blame her heavy weight on 'Rosie', her ghost that lives in the attic.  What you say?   Yes, she blamed her weight on a ghost living in the attic named Rosie somehow making her fat.  WOW!   What a nut job.  Came home and spent the afternoon doing things around the house before taking a short nap with the dogs.  Got up and went to a church festival Tony entered a raffle item in.  Stayed for a while and then just picked up a pizza and came home.  Spent the night watching TV with the dogs.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Stella her pills and Vito his shot.  Put drops in Stella's ears.  Tomorrow I will have to clean them prior to the drops.  Showered and went to Menard's to get the smaller carpet to match the large one we bought on Saturday, for the dining room.  Got a couple other items also.  I then drove to Target to buy myself a Birthday present ...  a box of nicotine patches.  Figure if I am really going to do this I have to do it right and not just a day here and a day there.  Hopefully tomorrow will be the day I stop for good.  Stopped off at Starbucks and got myself a vanilla latte and then McDonald's for a bacon egg and cheese bagel.  Came home and put the carpets around the house and did a little rearranging.  Tried to take a short nap with the dogs but of course Tony called at 1:15 and the neighbor at 2 PM.  Jeez, they all know nap time is from 1 to 3 PM during the week.  Yet they call and the first thing they say is 'you aren't sleeping are you'?   Yes, I am, or trying, what time is it?   Finally just got up and now I type this post.  Tony will most likely come home early and we will go out for supper somewhere for my Birthday.  I picked up a small two person cake for later so Tony can sing Happy Birthday to me.  Will then just top off the night with some TV and lovin before going to sleep.  I have a Viagra pill waiting for him to take when he walks in the door.  Hey, it's my Birthday!  I am just happy I made it to 51 since 3 years ago I didn't not even think that was a reality or possible.

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  1. Happy Birthday - Enjoy your day.