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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4, 2012 Wednesday Afternoon

Spent the morning working outside in the front yard. The two brick high retaining wall in the front of the main wall needed some work. Some of the bricks had sunk in and some stuck out and the wall was not straight. Took the wall apart and spread two bags of dirt to help the sinking bricks. These are big wall bricks and my back is now killing me. But, it feels good. I am just thankful I can still do projects like this even though it is more painful than it was years ago when I first made the wall. Made a sandwich for lunch and then took a walk to Pick N Save to buy a couple items I had coupons for to take advantage of the double coupon day. Bought a pie and some raspberries along with a couple other items. The pie was on sale from $7.99 to $5.00 and then I had a $1 coupon which was doubled. So I got this turtle cream pie for $3, not a bad deal. Of course this savings only makes me happy, Tony could care less and would wonder why I just didn't buy it yesterday. Went over and talked with the neighbor about last nights Dancing With The Stars elimination. Came back home and made some salads for supper. Just going to fry up last night's spaghetti for Tony to go with the salad. I will just have a TV dinner or something. Will spend the night watching American Idol. Felt good to work outside and then take a walk through the trails. I am going to enjoy this Summer and the trail. Once the leaves come I will take some pictures. I did see a snake today in the grass. I do not like snakes. It was about a foot and a half long. Just kinda stayed away from it. They make my skin crawl. I hate spiders and snakes. It was in the high 40s again today and the sun was out. It would probably seem cool in the middle of Summer, but this time of year in Wisconsin it is perfect and could be worse.

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