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Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012 Monday Afternoon

Friday night we spent the night at Pridefest.  Had a great time.  Got to the festival grounds a little after  7 PM and left around 11:30 PM.  Both of our feet from walking were killing us.  Belinda Carlisle from The Go Go's was very good.  Didn't remember all the hits she and the Go Go's had back in the 80s.  Was nice to hear them again.  Was also interesting to hear her say she has a gay son 'and wouldn't want it any other way'.  The crowd went nuts.  Bought a bunch of stuff at the tents selling tshirts and rainbow items.  Ended up buying a new rainbow flag for the front flag pole and a couple tshirts.  Of course when we got home and unpacked the bag, there was only one of the two tshirts.  Guess Tony never put his in the bag and it must still be at the tshirt stand.  Will check on Saturday and hopefully the clerk will remember us and give us the Tshirt that should be still there.  Went to bed shortly after getting home.  I could not fall asleep for over an hour still pumped up from being at the festival all night. 

Saturday morning we slept in until about 8 AM, which is rare for us.  Fed the dogs and gave the dogs their meds.  It was to be in the 90s in Milwaukee on Saturday and Sunday.  The central air conditioning is on.  We spent the morning going through Tony closet and clothing.  Making piles to go to goodwill and piles to just throw away that he never wears.  Of course the throw away pile was much smaller than the 'wash again' pile and I ended up spending Saturday and Sunday doing at least 7 loads of laundry.  A little after 1 PM we went down to Pridefest for the afternoon.  Headed right for the Tshirt shop and the clerk remembered us and had our Tshirt off to the side waiting for us to return and get it.  That was easy.  Walked around for about 2 hours before it was just to damn hot and time to go home until the sun goes down and it gets a bit cooler outside.  Grabbed bags and bags of lube and condoms for our tenants and Tony's employees figuring they are not cheap and the guys would be happy to have them.  Got home around 4 PM and spent some time with the dogs before we headed back down to the festival around 7 PM.    It was still hot but much better with the sun setting.  Spent the night walking around the festival enjoying friends, music and some drag shows.  Taylor Dayne was suppose to come on stage at 10:15 PM.  By 11 PM we finally said the hell with it and headed for the dance tent.  Why the hell can't gay events ever start on time.  Why is it always on 'drag time'.  Circled back to hear her sing a couple songs.  Was not happy.  Note to 70s and 80s groups or bands:  When you give a concert we want to see and hear the song like it sounded when we fell in love with it years ago.  We don't want you to change the words, beat and tempo so you can't even recognize the song.  Both the songs she sang didn't even sound like the hits she had with them.   Went back to the dance tent for a while before heading home.  Got home around midnight, showered, watched a little TV and after some lovin we went to bed.

Sunday morning we slept in again until about 7:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave the dogs their meds.  Read the Sunday newspaper, made some breakfast and we were out of the house by 11 AM.  Seems on this date the big Locust Street block party always falls on Pridefest Sunday.  We end up splitting the day between the block party and Pridefest events.  Watched the beer run at the block party.  Can not believe anyone would run around the Eastside in this heat for beers at the local bars.  Over 1300 people in the beer run.  It is always a popular event with people in costumes and just fun fun fun.  Went back to the house a little before 1 PM so we could be at the Pridefest Parade by the time it started at 2 PM down 2nd street in the Third Ward.  Went to one of the gay bars to watch the parade and met our friends from lunch there.  Parade lasted over and hour and was entertaining as always.  Thankfully between the big umbrella I brought and the shade from a building we made it though the afternoon watching the parade in the heat.  Got home a little before 4 PM and headed back up to the street festival two blocks away from our house on Locust Street.  Had a couple drinks and some food and between coming back home to feed the dogs and going back to the festival again after they were fed, we finally settled in at home around 7 PM, feet sore and hurting.   Was a long weekend of walking.  Tony and I managed not to kill each other all weekend and only had a couple moments when things got tense.  Though, as we were walking back home for the last time Tony looked at me and said, 'oh yah, Monday I have to be in Franklin court at 6 PM'.   What?   After asking for more information I found out Tony got a ticket a couple weeks ago driving the monster car and has to go to court Monday night at 6 PM in Franklin, which is southwest of Milwaukee.   Of course this started an argument because I then started thinking why I was not told of this ticket, what the hell was he doing in Franklin a couple weeks ago, and so on.  Of course Tony did not like all the questions I felt I had a right to know the answers to.  I am still not sure I know all the story but will find out when I go with him tonight for court.  Tony got all defensive when I asked questions.  I finally made him stop and look at me as I said to him:   "Tony, every night when you come home and we are sitting watching TV I ask you how your day was and if anything I should know about.  Why I was not told a couple weeks ago you got a ticket is not sitting well with me.  Did we change the rules in this relationship that we keep things from each other?   If I got stopped by a cop and got a ticket wouldn't you want to know or shouldn't I tell you about it?  So why did you not again tell me about this?".    He had every excuse in the book and got very defensive.  I honestly think something is going on here more than I know.  I then went on to tell him if this is the course of our relationship where we go and do anything we want and don't tell the other where we are or what we did, I am not going to be happy going forward, AND NEITHER WILL YOU!   WTF?   Shouldn't a husband be told these things, if nothing else in friendly night time conversations.  If we are changing the rules of this relationship shouldn't I know?    Told Tony I will not be in a relationship with someone who keeps things from me.  He then said "but I knew you would be mad".  I then said:  " So any time I think your not going to like what I did or what happened, or what I am about to say, in my day I should just not tell you?"   Told Tony I will not play this game and things better change.  What the hell is going on with Tony?   Not liking things the way they are lately.   Did he forget this is a relationship, a partnership, a marriage?   I always thought if you have nothing to hide, why hide what you did or happened?  Spent last night watching TV on the DVR before showering again and going to bed after some lovin at 10 PM.

This morning I was up a little before 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave the dogs their meds.  Went back to bed until about 9 AM.   Got up and started reading the newspaper and cleaning up around the house.  Things really pile up on the dining room table and stuff when you just have fun all weekend.  I have to get in the shower and get ready for my 2:30 PM heart doctor appointment.  I honestly thought of canceling it because I think I need to see a back doctor, not a heart doctor, but since I still have some sharp pains around the chest / heart area I think it best to just go ahead and see him and rule out anything heart related before I move onto the back, chest, and rib pain.   Hot and humid again today in Milwaukee.  Storms coming later today with a cool front.  Looking forward to the relief from the heat.  Will let you know tomorrow what the heart doctor says and what happens with Tony and court tonight, should be interesting.

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