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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 27, 2012 Wednesday Afternoon

Last night we did drive all the way to the south side of town for a car show.  No car show.  Last year this Culver's had a car show every Tuesday night.   Got supper at A&W and drove home.  Spent the night watching a couple episodes on the DVR of America's Got Talent.  Went to bed around 10 PM and did the loving thing before falling asleep.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Found myself in the bathroom soon thereafter to throw up again.  This is happening way to often.  I am taking antacids and saltine crackers when I wake up at night.  That used to be enough, lately it is not.  When I go back to my HIV doctor the end of June I will have to address this with him.  It can not be good for my stomach to be throwing up most mornings.  Spent the early morning watching the last of the two Mourning Doves leave the nest.  One left last night before it got dark.  I do not think the parents were happy.  The other baby stayed in the nest until this morning and then flew up to the neighbors window cill, where it sat for an hour.  Then the two parents came into the side yard and I watched them work the baby back into the nest.  It was so cute.  The two birds cooing the whole time, comunicating to the baby.  The one baby is still in the nest again as I type this blog today.  I think the other baby was a rebel and wanted to leave home sooner.  Went grocery shopping and as I was shopping I found myself setting down coupons rather than buying the item.  Only spent $30 on fresh produce and stuff.  Must be the heat.  Dropped off the groceries and put them away.  I then got back in the car and went to Little Ceasers Pizza and bought a $5 pepperoni pizza to take to the shop to eat with Tony, also dropping off some popsicles with him and the guys.  Ate lunch with Tony and then came home to get out of the heat.  Took a two hour nap with the dogs.  The temperature now says 84 degrees.  It is suppose to get to 94 today and maybe 100 tomorrow.  I plan on not leaving the house again until Friday, which is suppose to be again in the 90s.  It is just too damn hot outside.  Gave Tony a little speach before I left the shop telling him I didn't want him in this heat and if he feels dizzy to just come home.  Gave the guys a talking to also telling them to keep and eye on 'the old man'.  Making a dinner salad with meat for supper tonight since it is so hot.  Will make a chicken pot pie to go with the dinner salad.  Most likely we will just stay home tonight since it is so hot outside.  Tony will be in no mood to go anywhere working in this heat all day.  Tomorrow I might just clean the basement, not leaving the house.  Here is a video of the parents feeding the remaining baby this morning after they got it back into the nest.

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