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Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 28, 2012 Thursday Afternoon

Spent last night watching Dogs In The City and then America's Got Talent.  Went to the bedroom around 9 PM to watch the last of the TV since Tony was falling asleep on the couch by 8 PM.  Turned off the TV and went to bed around 10:30 PM.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Noticed shortly after Tmny left for work that he had forgotten his cell phone.  Called him and told him I would go get some breakfast at McDonald's and drop off his phone at the shop.  You would think a simple trip to McDonald's would be drama free.  Not here in the ghetto of Milwaukee.  In the drive through at the McDonald's near Tony's shop, there are two order taking machine lanes that then verge into one to go to the pay window.  As I was proceding after I gave my order, the line was backed up.  As I was finally able to pull forward, the 'women' in the SUV started trying to cut in front of me and yelling F words at me.  This with three small kids in her car.  I opened my passenger window and told her I gave my order before her and she was in back of me.  She continued to yell at me as I made my way in front of her.  When I got to the pay window I asked the lady at the window if I was in front of the lady in back of me's order or was she suppose to be in front of me.  I wanted to make sure if I was wrong I appologized.  The order taker lady collecting my money told me my order was taken first and the lady in the SUV should be in back of me.  I put my car in park and opened my door to be able to look at the lady in back of me telling her that I did not cut in front of her like she had accused me of in F words.  I then asked her if she wanted to appologize to me after using all the four letter F words with the kids in the car, considering she was wrong.  She again used some four letter words telling me 'she's nots going to fuckin appolize' and I should 'fucks off'.  I paused and then told her she 'was setting such a good example to the kids' and proceeded to the next window to get my food.  Got my food and dropped off Tony's sandwich and cell phone, telling him the story.  Jeez, people in Milwaukee are so damn rude it makes you not want to leave the house or move to a different city.  I am sorry if this story offends anyone, but unless you live in a lower income part of a city, you have no clue how bad it is getting.  People are just so damn rude and lack any of the manners I was taught.  Spent the rest of the day reading a book I started a day ago called 'Daytime Drama'.  It is a soapy gay murder love story.  I am over half way finished since I have spent the whole day reading the book, not venturing outside in the 90 plus degree heat.  It is so damn hot in Milwaukee I think the city must be on fire like out west in Colorado, with all their wild fires.  I am sure they would rather just have the heat than the distruction.  My heart goes out to them, it sounds like it is just horrible in the western USA with the fires.  It is beginning to look like most of the 4th of July fireworks around the area will be canceled due to it being so hot and dry.  The grass is brown it is so dry here from lack of rain.  Made some salads for supper tonight and will make something light to go with them.  I am sure Tony will come home, take a shower, and be snoring on the couch again by 8 PM, working in this heat today.  The one baby Mourning Dove has left the nest for good and is under the bench next to the pond like the parents have done in the past.  It will spend a day or two there until the parents move it to the back yard.  Still no sighting of the baby that flew the nest early.  Just saw a weather report for the next week and it looks like it will continue to be in the 90s or close to.  Guess th air conditioning is going to be on for a while.   Sorry if any spelling errors, spell check doesn't seem to be work the last few days on Blogger. 

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