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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26, 2012 Tuesday Afternoon

Yesterday afternoon I went for a long walk along the river.  As I walked I noticed how dark blue the sky is.  Yah, I knew it is always blue, but not a cloud in the sky and a deep deep blue.  Stopped at Pick N Save on the way home from my walk and bought some yellow cakes to go with the strawberries we bought the other day.  Figure I will make strawberry short cake for dessert to go with the ribs, noodles and french style beans.  Tony got home around 6 PM exhausted from work, being a Monday.  We spent the night watching episodes 2 and 3 of True Blood from this season.  Finished off the night watching the horrible show called Glass House.  Went in the hot tub for a while before going to bed around 10:30 PM.

This morning I was up at 6 AM to feed the dogs and give Vito his shot.  Read a little of the morning newspaper before I went outside and quickly cleaned the pond pump filter.  Figure I will cover the pond today so I have to have the pump working and not clogged.  Showered and went to my 9 AM dental appointment at ARCW.  On the way in the building I ran into the girl who works on the CAB with us and we had a long talk about my concerns.  She encouraged me to continue with the board and come to the next meeting.  I think I might just do that, and was happy we cleared the air.  Had my teeth cleaning and checked, no cavities or problems.  Picked up some more bread at the pantry for the rabbits and came home.  Took a two hour nap with the dogs which just made me more tired than I already am today for some reason.  I did not sleep well last night.  Hot one minute, cold the next.  Covered the pond with the netting because the baby Mourning Doves are sitting at the end of the nest and no parent is around.  I have a feeling between the temperatures heading to the 90s and being 'the day', that the parents will most likely push them from the nest tomorrow morning or the next day for sure.  They are ready to fly.  Hopefully now, with the netting over the pond the first flight will be a safe one.  Will most likely go to a car show tonight since the rest of the week is going to be too damn hot even at night.  This Summer has been so hot.  I can just imagine what July and August will be like, hotter.  Wrote a letter to the Milwaukee Journal editor today about a 'perspective' that was in the paper today about 'President errs on gay marriage'.  The perspective made me so mad I had to write in and give my opinion.  It talked about how he can understand blessing an animal or a car, but can not understand gay marriage.  WTF?   Went on to say how 'this expression of love can only be considered perverse and unnatural'.   Later saying 'Its really the church's decision anyway'.  Might just make it in the paper in the next days. I wrote:

In response to Dwayne Lee’s perspective on ‘President errs on gay marriage’.

Dwayne writes that he can ‘understand praying for the health of a pet or sustenance of a car’ but he does not believe gay people can ‘love’.

He goes on to say ‘but to say they are loving brings the entire expression of love under higher scrutiny...this expression of love can only be considered perverse and unnatural’.

I have been with my partner for over 23 years. Our relationship is as committed and loving as any relationships I know. Heck, we have been together longer than most ‘loving’ marriages last. To say our love is ‘perverse and unnatural’ only tells he has never met my partner or I, or many of the other committed same sex couples.

Maybe Dwayne should get out more and meet some committed gay couples. He will soon see that we are as loving and committed in our relationship as anyone in a ‘straight’ legal marriage.

Reading further, Dwayne says ‘It’s really the church’s decision anyway’. I agree. The church I attend would be happy to marry me and my partner if it were legal in Wisconsin. In fact we had a Holly Union almost 20 years ago, and yes, it was in a church. So all Dwayne really seems to say is HE doesn’t agree with gay marriage, because my church does.
Will most likely not get printed, but we will see.  It makes me so mad when people think gay relationships are nothing.  We love like anyone else and deserve the protection marriage offers. 

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