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Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 7, 2012 Thursday Afternoon

Called Tony last night around 5:15 PM at the shop to see if he was coming home and we were going to the car show.  The employee said he just left and was on his way home with the muscle car.  He then asked me what the hell is wrong with Tony.  I asked him what he is talking about and he said for the past few weeks Tony has been unbearable to work for and asked if something is going on he should know about.  I told him Tony has been an asshole lately and I think it has a lot to do with the fact he is jut not happy in his own skin these days.  From getting old to being almost blind and gaining so much weight, I think he is not happy.  He can not even read street signs his vision is so bad, and that is with glasses.  Amazing he passed his last drivers exam.  Told the employee I hope it passes soon but they have my back and would try to get Tony to be nicer.  Tony got home last night with the green monster truck around 5:30 PM.  Our intent was to go to a car show with it on the south side of town.  Tony showered and we got about 4 blocks down the street and the car starting acting up and not running properly, again.  I looked at Tony before we got on the expressway and asked him to just take me home since I did not want to be stranded, broken down somewhere on the way to the car show.  If you remember, this is what happened last weekend.  Tony was very mad.  Not at me, but at the car.  He said it ran fine all day today.  I swear he was just about in tears he was so mad.  Came home and decided to just go down the street and have $1 hamburgers and french fries at the local bar.  Came home and spent the night getting caught up on the last 3 episodes of America's Got Talent.  Went to bed around 10 PM.  Things are getting better since we touched legs in bed.  LOL.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Kali her pill and Vito his Insulin shot.  Brushed Kali's teeth a little after she ate.  After I fed the dogs I looked outside the front window to see this pick up truck and a guy dumping branches on the side of the road in front of the property in foreclosure across the street.  Tony ran outside to tell him he could not just dump this crap here.  Well it got ugly and we ended up called the police.  The police came around 7:30 AM, which is really good for Milwaukee Police, just as the guy was dumping his 5 load of branches and tree parts.  Told my side of the story and then the owner of a property down the street came to explain the trees were from his yard and he was dumping them here for pickup.  I explained he can dump them in front of his own yard for the pick up since I know it takes sometimes weeks for Milwaukee to pick up piles like this.  I finally walked away and the dumping stopped.  I am still waiting to see if what got dumped gets picked back up, as of now it has not.  They did move the pile back in the field which means it will most likely never get moved.  Got showered and decided to go to Walmart here on the Eastside.  The Walmart has been recently expanded and now has a grocery department.  So I decided to go to our ghetto Walmart here and check it out and hopefully buy a list worth of items.  Ended up having a pretty good experience except for the $10 gift card they say was never activated and not working.  Ended up buying among the items two pool air mattresses and 4 king size pillow cases to cover them.  I figure I can use them on the floor on both sides of the bed while sleeping so if Vito falls off the bed at least he falls to an air mattress and not a hard floor.  I can always tuck them under the bed when we are not sleeping or using the bed.  The things I do for my dogs.  Heck, much easier to be safe then sorry down the road if Vito gets hurt falling off the bed because he is blind.  Shopped for about 2 hours.  I figured if I was at the store I might as well check it all out.  Totally new layout.  Stopped off in front of Tony's shop and gave him a bag of freezer pops for him and the employees to enjoy in hot weather that is coming.  Also gave him the Walmart gift card that he gave me to use and asked him where he got it.  Guess he got it last year when he signed up for a year at Sams Club.  Will have to find out why the card was never activated and is worthless when it should be $10.  Came home and unpacked everything.  Blew up the two air mattresses and put the pillow cases around them.  They will work perfectly to protect Vito if he falls off the bed.  Hopefully the pillow cases on them will help them not pop if Stella or the other dogs walk on them.  Made a single microwave pizza for lunch and took a 2 hour nap.  Had the air conditioning on and just turned it off since the wind switched off the lake and now is about 72 degrees rather than 80 degrees it was earlier.  The air will most likely go on tomorrow and for the weekend since it is to be 90 degrees for the weekend.  Making some salads and an Oncore dinner for supper tonight.  Figure it is the last time I will cook until Monday since we will eat at Pridefest all weekend.  Hoping I can get Tony to go for a walk tonight since I did not go on one today.  My middle back still feels like someone pour concrete in it.  It is so stiff about 6 inches wide from one side to the other right across the middle of my back.  Sure wish it would go away.  Tomorrow we are having an early lunch and then all heading to the funeral for a friends father who passed last weekend.  The funeral is from noon until 2 PM tomorrow afternoon.  Will post again tomorrow after I get home from the funeral.

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