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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 6, 2012 Wednesday Afternoon

Tony came home from work a little before 5:30 PM last night, driving our truck.  Said hello to each other as he walk in the door.  I had his usual cup of coffee ready and warm for him to drink.  Eventually I pulled his salad from yesterday out of the frig and told him it was his and that the pizza pan frying on the stove was supper.  I ate a few pieces of pizza and a bread stick.  Around 6:30 PM I told him I was going for a walk.  He said 'OK', which I figured ment he did not want to come along.  That was fine with me because I hated the sitting in silence thing that goes on after a fight.  Had a great walk along the river.  Didn't see any deer.  The next time I walk the paths I am going to take a pick of some kind with me to get the glass out of the trail from broken bottles.  I can just imagine dogs that are with there owners must cut their feet on the glass.  I actually last week walked the trail with a garbage bag and picked up the garbage here and there along the trail.  Last nights walk was 4610 steps according to my pedometer, in a little over an hours time.  Got home and we started a movie.  Watched the movie Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.  Neither of us enjoyed it.  Some of the thing they have Tom Cruise doing in these movies is so unbelievable it takes away from the movie.  This was one of those movies.  Was glad when it ended.  Watched the sad news that the state recall didn't go the way I would have liked.  I hate being in a state that is starting to lean Republican.  Wisconsin was always a Democratic state.  Lately it scares me.  Our Governor  named Scott Walker thinks he can just do things and ' divide and conquer ' as he puts it.  I like working together to solve thing better.  But, with that said, so far what Walker did to our state is working.  Unfortunately it is on the backs of the working middle class and poor, and would be happy to ship every gay person from the state.  Giving big tax breaks to the rich and companies.  Time will tell if it will work.  I can live with Walker fulfilling his term.  That way we can see if he has done good or harm.  Less than two years in this economy is a hard test, not unlike what Obama is dealing with.  Just my opinions.  we might have picked up a Senate seat in the recall which would be good because then we would have a Democratic majority in the Senate holding back Walker's Republican ways.  Went to bed around 10:30 PM.

This morning I was up at 6:00 AM when I heard the power go out.  Sounds funny to say 'heard the power go out' but when the air cleaners stop and battery chargers start beeping you know the power is out.  Came back on and I laid in bed until close to 7 PM watching the clock in the bedroom flash 12:00 waiting to be reset.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot, and Kali her antibiotic pill.  At least Kali takes her pills wrapped in food of some kind.  Stella will pick out the pill and spit it out no matter if it was wrapped in steak.  Tony left for work and I mentioned to him that maybe we could go to a car show tonight on the south side of town.  A usual Wednesday night car show we have not yet been to this summer.  Figure I am trying to make an effort.  Heck, if I can get out of cooking it is worth it even though I have no interest in car shows other than the people at the show, if you know what I mean.  He said he will try to get home early so we can do just that.  Brushed Kali's teeth which she seems to tolerate.  I might not be cleaning her teeth but I have noticed her mouth is cleaner and she has stopped licking all around herself.  So the teeth brushing is helping with the skin problems and her not licking with a dirty mouth.  Her teeth still look horrible, but she is 14 years old.  Spent the morning doing things around the house.  Went to ARCW to pick up my monthly prescriptions and food from the pantry.  It is a sunny 70 degrees outside with a slight breeze off the lake.  Very nice day.  If it could only always be like this.  Want to let you know I do go back and read all the comments that are given.  Appreciate all of them, thank you.  At least I know someone is reading my thoughts and my life.  I wish I could say the pain is gone.  It is in the middle of my back.  My lungs also feel raw, most likely from not smoking.  I at this point still plan on going to my heart doctor appointment on Monday but honestly think it is more a lung or back problem than anything else.  But I have to start somewhere.  It is rather uncomfortable and my back sometimes feels like it is going to just double over, it is a weird feeling.  I can't keep taking muscle relaxers and pain pills for this.  I save those as 'happy pills', not pain pills.  LOL.    I still have not figured out how many eggs are in the Mourning Dove nest since there is always a bird sitting on the nest when you look at the camera on it.  I figure next week Thursday or Friday the egg (s) will hatch again.  This pour mother bird sure didn't get much of a break from the 2 that just flew the nest a week before she laid these eggs.  Have to mention 2 music artists in my rotation right now.  I do like dance music.  The two CDs I repeatedly listing to are The Wanted and Adam Lambert's newest CD Trespassing.   Both are quite upbeat and very good.  I never was an Adam fan so it does surprise me how much I like his latest CD.  Got to get the laundry in the drier and run the vacuum around the house before Tony comes home.  This weekend, as I mentioned, is Pridefest in Milwaukee.  We always hope for good weather.  Looks like we will have no rain, but in the 90s Saturday and Sunday.  I don't do 90s well and it hopefully will be cool at the Pridefest grounds since they are right on the Milwaukee lakefront.  I can always layer clothes, but taking them off and showing skin and sweating  ....   I'm getting to old for that and I am feeling my age.  Plus I am not as 'pretty' as I was years ago.  ;)

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