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Friday, June 8, 2012

June 8, 2012 Friday Dinner Time

Yesterday after I posted I went to make some salads and start supper only to find the rest of the bag of lettuce I thought to use for a salad was turning brown.  Decided to not make supper and go out for dinner.  Figured Tony wouldn't mind walking three blocks up the street and having some Italian food since they have a bar.  As long as Tony is getting served he is happy these days.  Tony got home around 6 PM, showered and we went to the restaurant for supper.  You can still cut the tension with a knife at times between us.  During supper Tony told me when I asked him if the green car was running better, told me it was, because he drove it an hour or more to the state border and an hour back home after getting some parts.  Conversation went down hill from here when I asked why he would take off over 2 hours to drive his car to the state border to get parts and not call me to let me know.  Explained to him I don't understand his reasoning and why he would drive so far with a car that could break down.  Of course he then took it wrong and started to ask me about leaving Milwaukee.  Finally the conversation ended when I said, 'Tony, if you were a traveling sales man I would understand you going around the state driving, but I would want to know about where you are going for the day if you did this.  Being an owner of an auto body shop I would not expect my husband in the middle of the afternoon to be near Illinois and not know where he is'.    He then accused me of being controlling.  I then asked him if I was to one afternoon drive north to Green Bay or something for the day, wouldn't he want me to let him know since he would probably assume I was at home.  He agreed.  It's just a matter of keeping each other in the loop as to where we are and what is going on.  Jeez, it's like if I say something is black, he says it is dark blue.  After supper we walked home no talking.  Got home and I looked at Tony and told him to watch the dogs, I was going for a walk.  Had to get away.  Took an hour walk at dusk around the river trails.  Came home and watched the movie The Devil Inside which was not good and I can't even remember what it was about typing this.  Went to bed around 10:30 PM with a 'goodnight' to each other.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and Kali her pill.  Brushed Kali's teeth a little after she was done eating.  Asked Tony what he thought his schedule was today since we are planing an early lunch with the guys and then all going to the friends father's funeral.  Since Tony will need to change out of his work clothes and take a shower, I was just wondering what time he was going to be home and stuff.  He barked out to me that he plans on being home and showered in a little while.  I then pointed out to him it was a simple question and that a simple answer not being so damn mean when he answers would be nice.  Tony left for work.   Around 10 AM Tony called me at home to say he was not going to make lunch and would meet me at the funeral.  I asked him why the plan had changed and that I would rather drive to the funeral together as a couple.  I asked again why and he said he had too much work.  When I pointed out that maybe he shouldn't have taken a two hour drive yesterday afternoon and would be able to give me an hour for lunch, well, you can imagine how that went over.  Tony got the point and did come home around 10:45 AM, showered and we left for our 11:30 AM lunch with the guys.  Had a good lunch and went to the funeral afterwards following each other in the cars to the church.  Good lunch meaning we didn't say much to each other but had fun with the other guys.  Gave our condolences to Paul and his partner and family at the funeral.  Stayed for a while and left before the service so Tony could go back to work.  Came home and he changed back into his work clothes and left the house.  When he was leaving I asked if the plan was still to go to Pridefest tonight.  He barked out 'yah'.  It is now about 85 degrees in Milwaukee.  Took a 2 hour nap this afternoon in the air conditioned house.  Getting too hot here in Milwaukee.  Would be looking forward to the Pridefest weekend if Tony and I were getting along better.  I do think there is something underneath the surface that I don't know about.  Even one of his employees the other day told me Tony is an asshole lately to work for and wondered if there is something he should know bothering Tony.  So there might be something else going on here I don't know about.  Maybe another mid life crisis on his part?   Hoping to go to Pridefest tonight and see Belinda Carlisle from the 80s group The Go Go's.  Tomorrow Taylor Dane is at the Pridefest singing.  Will most likely go for a while in the afternoon Saturday and back again at night, depending on how hot it is outside.   Sunday we have to divide our time between a block party the next block over and the Pridefest parade at 2 PM.  That's all if I don't melt in the 90 plus hot humid heat this weekend and Tony and I don't kill each other.

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  1. I agree, something is eating at Tony. And all that stress lately isn't good for either of you.