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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20, 2012 Wednesday Dinner Time

Tony and I spent last night watching the first two episodes of Falling Skies that started up again on Sunday on TNT.  I do enjoy these alien shows.  I went in the hot tub for a little while after we watched the shows.  Went to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I was up at 6 AM throwing up in the sink before I could even feed the dogs.  Serves me right since I forgot to take an antacid before I went to bed or when I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  Fed the dogs and gave Kali and Vito their meds.  Only two more days of Kali's antibiotic.  Went back to bed for an hour after Tony left for work.  Got up and did a little outside with the leaf blower.  It has been windy and the tree has been shedding branches and leaves all over the back yard.  Could only be outside for so long since it is again very hot in Milwaukee today.  Went grocery shopping after I stopped at McDonald's for a bacon egg and cheese bagel.  Bought a lot of freezer items on sale.   Must be the week for ice cream products to be on sale because my freezer is now full with them.  Won't have to buy ice cream or ice cream products for a while now with today haul.  Spent the afternoon finishing the book I started last week called Halfway Home.  I really enjoyed this book.  It was very sad being about a guy having HIV in the 90s with about one year left to live.  I was in tears the second half of the book.  Very hard to read a book when your crying.  Was mad the book ended where it did, hopefully if the book was a true story, the guy lived long enough to benefit from the HIV drugs that finally came out in the late 90s.  How horrible it must have been to have this disease back when all you did was wait to die knowing there was nothing else to hope for, seeing everyone around you with the disease dieing.  Very sad we lost so many good people from HIV and AIDS.   Finished the book around 3:30 PM and started making supper.  Making a frozen lasagna and salads for supper.  Tony will come home tired from working in this 94 degree heat.  He says he spent most of yesterday in his air conditioned office paying bills, but he can't hide in there for more than a day with the other guys working out in the heat.  I did drop him and the guys off a huge meat sub and a couple boxes of Popsicles on my way back home after grocery shopping this morning.  Will most likely just stay home in the cool air watching TV tonight.  Not much could get me out in this heat.  Tonight a cool front comes through dropping the temperature in the 80s tomorrow.  I am very worried about the Mourning Doves.  The babies have hardly moved all day and they should be feeding nonstop at this point being a week old.  If it is 94 degrees outside, it must be 110 under the black Batmobile.  If they can just make it through the night.  I think the heat is baking them.  The parent bird looks stressed and worried and the babies hardly move in the nest all day.  Hopefully they are just conserving their strength in this heat.  Once they leave the nest for the Summer I am going to paint the car white, or maybe pink, so it doesn't attract the sun and hopefully not so much heat under it.

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