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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 12, 2012 Tuesday Afternoon

Went to my heart doctor appointment.  The doctor checked me over, said my EKG was normal and that my blood pressure is at 140 over 90, which is high.  Doctor figures / hopes it is just because of the chest pain.  Scheduled a tread mill stress test for a week from Friday although the doctor does not think it is my heart causing this pain.  Referred me and made an appointment for next week with an Orthopedic Back and Spine Specialist.  I figure I might as well keep going here trying to find the pain since I am pretty close to my health care deductible for the year by now with all these tests I have had.  Should be fun when the bills start coming.  So more tests and appointments in the weeks ahead.  Tony got home a little after 4:30 PM from work.  When I asked him if he had the paperwork for court he said he did, had them in his hand as he was leaving the shop, but now can not find the paperwork.  I just shook my head as he got in the shower.  Left the house around 5 PM in rush hour traffic to get to Franklin Court to clear up the insurance issue and ticket for it.  We pulled in the parking lot and it was empty, not a good feeling here.  We went inside and asked at the window about court starting at 6 PM.  The window clerk said there is no court on Monday's.  WTF?  If only we had the paperwork right?   After a little conversation we figured since Tony knew it was the 11th, and court is on Wednesday nights, it must be July 11th for court, not June.  I swear to god one of these days I am going to kill Tony.  I then asked the clerk if the paperwork can just be mailed or faxed and she said we should call the court during the day.  When I asked Tony if he had checked into this he looked at me like I was an alien or something.  Wow, what a concept, fax the paperwork they need rather than drive all the way to another city in rush hour traffic.  I swear sometime Tony would be lost without me.  Will be interesting to see if Tony called the court today to check on this,  any bets?  I was a little pissed at this time and we figured we would stop and eat at this restaurant we saw on the way called The Steakout.   I knew it would be an expensive steak but figured Tony owed me.   Well, it turned out to be the best steak and meal I have had in memory.  The Steak Fillet was the size of a softball, so tender and juicy.  Tony's Prime Rib was 2 inches thick and cut like butter.  On top of all this the daily soup that comes with the steaks is French Onion Soup with the crusted melted cheese and crouton under the cheese.  I LOVE this kind of French Onion Soup.  I was in heaven and wished I could take a couple home.  Of course the bill with tip for the two of us was $88, but it was the first time I spent that kind of money on a steak and felt I got my money's worth.  We will definitely be eating there again on the 11th of July when we go back to court, if we have.   Got home a little after 8 PM and spent the night catching up on some TV shows and watched the first new episode for the season of True Blood on HBO.  We got free HBO for the weekend so I DVR'd it.  Will have to download each episode from this point out throughout the season since we do not have HBO TV regularly.  Went to bed around 10:30 PM after the local news.

Got up this morning a little before 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave the two their meds.  Spent the morning reading the newspaper for a while.  I then broke down and ordered a pond vacuum for the pond in the side yard.  I had been looking at pumps or sump pumps figuring I could make a pond vacuum out of it.  After pricing sump pumps and then finding a great vacuum on sale on the Internet for half price, I order the vacuum for under $200 from Doctor Fosters and Smith Pond Supplies.  The pond has to be vacuumed or drained and cleaned.  I figured this was the least painful option.   Dragged the lawn mower around to cut the grass between the road and sidewalk.  It is so dry in Milwaukee and hopefully this little bit of grass will just die from the heat and I won't have to cut it again for a while.  I hate dragging the lawn mower around the block since we have no front entrance to get it from the back alley garage to the front any other way but to take it around the block.  One of these days a police officer is going to stop me thinking I stole it of something.  Around noon I took a long walk along the river trails ending at Pick N Save to buy some lettuce and fruit.  Will buy more tomorrow when I go and do the coupon shopping.  Just needed some lettuce to go with the spaghetti I am making for supper tonight.  Drove to Walgreen's and picked up a prescription and a couple items on sale in this weeks flier.  It is in the 70s, sunny with a breeze in Milwaukee today, perfect!   Will most likely just spend the night watching TV and stay home tonight with the dogs.

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