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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 28, 2012 Wednesday Afternoon

Read a little more of my book yesterday before Tony got home from work.  Got 6 pages from the end when Tony walked in the door.  Spent last night watching Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead and then the Dance Final.  Went to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I was up at 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Read a little of the morning newspaper and then decided to read the last 6 pages of the book The Timekeeper.  Was happy I read the book and gave me something to think about on my walk today.  Around 10 AM I drove to McDonald's and got a bacon egg cheese bagel and a sausage burrito to heat up for lunch.  Went to Pick N Save and did the weekly grocery shopping.  Went to Walgreen's then to buy some sale items and ended up buying a new water mister for the living room.  I have a cool air water mister but it really doesn't seem to be putting any moisture into the room.  I want to see a mist flowing from the thing.  Plus I hate the one I have with a filter.  Saw the one I wanted and was surprised it was 25 percent off when I paid for it.  Also got a coupon for $10 off any purchase of 35 dollars or more today or tomorrow.  After I got home and set up the new water mister I liked it so much I went back to Walgreen's and bought another on sale and used the coupon for another $10 off.  Came to $24.99 which is a good price.  Now I have one in the bedroom and dining room / living room.  Went for my usual walk around the river trails around noon.  It was only 32 degrees but the sun was out and now wind.  With my gloves and ear muffs on I was warm enough.  Got home and spend an hour or so back in the basement tackling another corner to clean, this one of paperwork.  Tony's shop paperwork goes back to 1994.   Decided to keep everything after the year 2000.   Of course every monthly envelope from his accountant did not have a date on it so I had to open each and every one to see the date and determine if I was going to keep or shred.  Filled three boxes to go to a shredding company, where I am not sure at this point.  Have another file cabinet to go through on another day.  This basement cleaning project is my Winter project and I hope it lasts and plan on doing it right the first time.  It is so hard to throw stuff away.  It is now going on 4:30 PM and I took a pain pill because my back is really hurting from the bending over going through the files and such.  Making some hamburgers and french fries with a salad tonight.  Since the DVR is busy recording tonight we will most likely watch the SNL special.  I already can tell we will have a half hour when a conflict will occur and we can only record or watch a total of four shows at once.  At 9 PM I see SNL would make a fifth show.   Will have to decide what not to record.  Hoping tomorrow to go with Tony to a pawn broker that is in town at one of the hotels looking for military stuff.  I have three old swords I want to know what they are worth.  Got my dads blessing since I got them from him.  Not sure if I will even sell them no matter what they offer, just interested in their value. 

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