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Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 12, 2012 Saturday Morning - Egg Hatched

I just happen to be watching the camera of the Mourning Dove sitting in the nest when I saw the other bird out of the corner of my eye fly to the nest.  The Mourning Dove sitting on the nest got up and the other bird grabbed a half of egg shell, walked around the nest, and flew away with the half of egg shell.  It soon returned and got the other half.  The bird that had been on the nest then started walking around the nest and got in front of the baby bird and started cleaning it.  Looked like it was eating it, LOL.   Before she settled down on the baby she walked around the nest again and I could see the baby flopping around as she pecked at it, cleaning it I assume.  After she was done cleaning the baby she quickly got on top of the baby to keep it warm.  I could not believe I just happened to glance at the camera at the right time to see the baby Mourning Dove hatch and the parents clean the nest and baby.  Not sure if there are more eggs, time will tell.   Tony went to work this morning to cut the grass at his Auto Body Shop.  He said he will be home by noon.  Been doing things around the house until he returns.  Just watched TV last night.  Went to bed around 10:30 PM after the news on TV.  Not sure what we will do this afternoon.  It is a bit cool with the wind off Lake Michigan.  It is in the high 50s today and the sun is trying to come out.  Will send any updates as needed if something happens with the Mourning Dove over the weekend.

As for yesterday's comment.  Some birds steal eggs out of other birds nests to steal the nest or just be mean.   Sometimes a bird will know the egg is not going to hatch and remove it from the nest.  If it was pieces of the shell it was most likely like what I just watched, the birds removed the shells from a nearby nest. 

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