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Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25, 2012 Friday Late Afternoon

Spent last night watching TV from the DVR.  When we went to bed the two baby Mourning Doves were sleeping outside the nest and next to the car where the nest is under.  Here is a picture of them outside the nest last night.
Went to bed around 10:30 PM after the news on TV and a little lovin.

This morning Tony got me out of bed at 6 AM because one baby was in the nest and the other was somewhere in the side yard.  We had to figure out where it was before we let a dog out to go potty and it ate the baby as breakfast.  Found the one baby that flew safely behind the fencing by the pond so the dogs could not get it.  Let the dogs out.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.   Shortly after that we watched the parent bird lead the baby to a safer part of the side yard, more in the corner.  It was so cute.  Around 8 AM I laid back down in bed for an hour.  When I got up the last of the two birds had flown the nest.  Spent the next hour or so looking for it in the side, front and back yard.  Could not find it.  Around 11 AM I was talking to my mom on the phone and noticed it on the window of the neighbors house.
Went to lunch with the guys and when I got home the baby was down on the ground next to the other baby.  Under the bench by the pond safe.  Went for a long walk around the river and trail.  Spent some time reading the new book I bought at a rummage sale last weekend called Where Have All The Little Girls Gone.  I am half way done with the book and it is quite a good thriller.  Decided to remove the netting over the pond which was not a good idea because as careful as I was not to scare the babies, one flew into the back yard.  Damn!   Oh well, they would end up there eventually but it would have been nice for the babies to be together there first night out of the nest.  Still could happen if the parents get the babies together before night fall.  Making salads for supper tonight and most likely a frozen pizza to go with it.  We have no plans this long Memorial Day weekend.  Suppose to be in the 70s tomorrow and then close to 90 degrees on Sunday and Monday.  Guess the air conditioning will get turned on Sunday, too hot for me.  When I went for my walk along the river today I took a few pictures of the pretty flowers along the trail.  Here are a couple of them:

Here is one last video of the babies and mommy before they left the nest today.  This video is from yesterday:

Have a great Memorial Weekend.  If something big happens I will post, otherwise I will be back on Tuesday.

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