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Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31, 2012 Thursday Late Afternoon

Spent last night watching the movie One For The Money.  It was OK.  I would have been mad if I spent movie theater prices to see it.  It was entertaining enough to rent.  Went to bed around 10:30 PM after a little lovin.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Had a hard time even rolling out of bed my back, shoulders and ribs hurt so much.   Around 9 AM I broke down and called the doctor and made an appointment.  I can not live this way with this pain and have to face it.  Got into the doctor today at 12:15 PM.  When I explained the pain and stuff I am having she looked at me and said 'so you will be staying here overnight'?   I looked at her and sad 'I hope not, I really don't want to'.   The doctor looked me over and said we will get to the bottom of this.  I told her I want my heart, lungs and ribs/chest examined, there is something wrong.   Told her the last time I felt this way was when I found out I was HIV+ and had AIDS.  I knew something was wrong and have that same gut feeling.   Told her since I have smoked pot and cigs for over 30 years I would actually like a lung scan eventually also.  She then gave me a breathing treatment for about 15 minutes and gave me a bunch of paperwork.  Made an appointment with a heart doctor for June 11th and I went down a floor to the lab and had some blood work done, an EKG, and about 6 Xrays on my back, chest and ribs.   I am not looking forward to this bill when it comes.  Also got a prescription for an inhaler and some more Vicodin which I don't really need since I have a huge supply already of Vicodin pills.   Dropped off the inhaler prescription at Walgreen's to pick up later.  Didn't fill the Vicodin because I have so many already with refills available.  Came home and called Tony to tell him I was home and not in the hospital.  I am glad I finally broke down and went to the doctor today.  I simply can not live with this pain no matter what the outcome turns out to be.  Either way I have to find out why and make it stop.  Will be interesting to see when and how the test come out that I had done today.  Was told if I am better by the 11th I might not have to see the heart doctor depending on the test results from today.  Was good to get an appointment on the books with him which will depend on the EKG results.   Took a Vicodin and an Advil Cold And Sinus for my sinus headache.  I still have not had a cig since Monday.  Haven't even put the nicotine patch on the past two days since I have it in my mind that I can and will not be smoking.  Figure I might as well just bite the bullet and get over the nicotine now rather than later.  I have no choice, cigs are not part of my life from this point forward.  It is in the 50s today in Milwaukee, cloudy and cold.  Looks like it could rain any minute.  Not cooking tonight.  Think we might go up the street to a bar that his a ribs special tonight.  I love ribs and we have talked about going on a Thursday for the special for a long time.  Will then spend the night watching another movie most likely.  Hopefully it will be better than last nights movie, not that last nights was horrible, but with all the movies I have to chose from, I could have picked a better one to watch.  Made an appointment for Kali to go to the vet tomorrow for her scabs from licking.  She will most likely be put on an antibiotic again like in the past.  Another $100 down the drain tomorrow taking her to the vet and the meds she will get again.  Thank god Tony makes OK money or I would be broke.  Not much else to say, will write tomorrow before the weekend.

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