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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 15, 2012 Tuesday Dinner Time

Spent last night watching Dancing With The Stars, Mike & Molly, and Smash; before going to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Had a sick stomach again this morning.  Spent the morning doing things around the house.  Watched a little TV with the President on the View as I ate my bowl of raisin bran.   Around noon I went for a walk to the hardware store 3 blocks away.  Got a couple copies of keys made.  Went to Alterra Coffee to see if I could get a strawberry smoothie.  Of course they don't have smoothies in just strawberry, so I did not get one.  Walked home and made myself a single frozen pizza for lunch.  Took a long nap this afternoon.  It is around 85 degrees today and warm.  If it gets any warmer I will have to turn on the air conditioning.  Thankfully a cool front is on its way and should bring some relief by later tonight.  Tomorrow it is suppose to be in the 60s after the cold front comes through.  Making hamburger helper and salads for supper tonight.  Will spend the night watching TV.  I did not work out this morning.  Body was sore from the other days work out.  Thought is best to just take it easy for a day, which I did today.

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