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Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 3, 2012 Thursday Afternoon

Spent most of last night watching TV shows on the DVR.  Finished off the night with the TV show Revenge before we did the lovin thing and went to bed around 10:30 PM.

Slept like crap all night.  I think it was because it was so warm in the bedroom.  Any warmer and I would have to turn on the air conditioning.  Had the ceiling fan on medium all night to cool off the room.  Got out of bed around 6 AM since the birds were so damn loud this morning.  WTF?  They started singing at 3:30 AM.  As much as I enjoy having the windows open I can not wait until it is too hot and the air conditioning must be turned on to drown out the birds in the morning.  I swear every bird was outside my window this morning chirping to wake me.  Fed the dogs and gave the other dogs their meds.  Put drops in Stella's ears after I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  Went out and put some more cement patch on the front sidewalk that I bought yesterday.  Even though rain is predicted the other parts I did held up in the rain, so you know me, I have to just 'get it done'.  I think I did a very nice job on the sidewalk cement patch work.  Drove to ARCW to get my monthly prescriptions filled and picked up.  Picked up my monthly food at the pantry while I was there.  Came home and made myself a frozen pizza single for lunch and turned on some old Disco.  Spent the afternoon just laying on the couch listening to music.  I think people who say disco sucks are people who never danced their ass off all night in a club when they were young.  I love disco.  Would love to take a short walk today but I have been watching the radar and another line of storms should hit us in about an hour.  I line of storms went through last night, just loud enough to wake all the dogs and get everyone up.  It is in the 80s today in Milwaukee, hot and humid.  If it were not for the fact a cold front is coming through this evening I would turn on the air conditioning.  I can tell the dogs also think it is a little warm since they are just laying around all day with their tongues hanging out and have no energy.  Making tacos and beans with a salad for supper tonight.  Will spend the night watching TV and listening to the rain and storms that are predicted tonight as the cold front comes through.  It is getting pretty dark outside and it should start storming any minute.  Here are two pics of the sidewalk repair.  The repair actually turned out better than the pictures show.  Once the new cement dries it will look better, but you can see what I repaired on the two steps and then the cracks by the gate in the sidewalk.  It's done!  And I did it myself.

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