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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012 Wednesday Late Afternoon

Yesterday afternoon I went for a long walk along the river through the trails.  Had a nice walk.   Got home and took an hour nap with the dogs on the bed.  Got up and spent the rest of the afternoon reading and finishing the book I started last week called Where Have All The Little Girls Gone.  It was worth reading, glad I read it, and will pass it on to someone else to read.  I don't read many books and could count the books I have read recently on one hand, so it felt good to read and finish a book.  Made Sweet N Sour Chicken and Rice with a salad for supper.  I was able to talk Tony into going for a walk after supper so we walked around the river, my usual walking route.   I of course smiled and enjoyed being in the woods with Tony.  Tony kept complaining about the bugs and how exhausting it was.   Spent the rest of the night watching the movie Chronicle.  It was a good movie.  I see the newly released movies on DVD in the Friday newspaper and take a chance downloading them and hoping they are as good as they sounded in the review.  The last few movies we watched I have been pleasantly surprised how good they are and how sad it would have been to have missed them.  Considering I have about 50 movies still to watch that I downloaded, by the time I get around to watch a movie I have no idea what it is about since I downloaded it maybe months ago.  Chronicle was about 3 kids who get super powers and one uses them for bad rather than good.  Honestly, it was not a bad movie.  Went to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Read a little of the morning newspaper before I went outside and cut the grass in the front yard between the road and the sidewalk.  Got out the trimmers and did the trimming also.  Before I showered I put some light brown Just For Men in my hair so I look a bit younger and cover up some grey.   Sometimes I just think who cares, and sometimes, like today, I feel like going to the effort to look a bit younger.  Guess with Milwaukee Pridefest coming in two weeks I better start thinking of looking good in public.  Now if I can get some of these blemishes on my face to go away from the sun and meds.  Went grocery shopping  around 10:30 AM and took a short restful nap with the dogs for an hour around noon.   I do love my short naps with the dogs on a cloudy cool day. After my nap I went for my usual walk around the river on the trails.  It is about 55 degrees today in Milwaukee.  A bit cool but I figured no excuses, I can always add layers.  I am sure I will complain how it is too hot in the middle of the Summer to walk, so I better add the layers and walk while I can.  Had a nice walk.  Just wish my lungs, back and shoulders would start to feel better.  Of course this is only my full second day without a cig so I figure I have to give it some time before I call the doctor.  Tony was not happy I didn't go to the doctor yesterday since he hears me complain about all the pain and how uncomfortable I am.  What sucks is the fact I have lied to him for the past year that I have quit smoking so I now can not turn around and tell him I have been smoking and need to see for sure if that is the problem since I have not quit like my doctor told me I had to a month ago.  So in Tony's mind he is wondering why I would not see the doctor.  In my mind I know that the doctor is going to say 'hey, I told you to quit smoking, did you?'.    So until I go at least a week without a cig I figure it is a waste of money and time to see the doctor when I didn't do what she asked a month ago.  I mean, how can we rule out one problem if I don't stop doing it.   I am sure it is that, and the fact that us HIV people are just sick and tired of going to doctors and having test after test.   It is bad enough we have to every 6 months get the blood tests and shit.  Honestly, by next Monday if I don't feel better I will reschedule an appointment with my doctor.   I can then say with all honesty I have not had a cig for over a week and we can go from there and figure out what the problem is.  Tony and I were going to go to a car show tonight on the other side of town, but I honestly can not see doing it with it being so cool outside and the temperature is dropping little be little and will be even colder in a couple hours.  The car show is every Wednesday so there will be many more we can go to.  Problem is, now I have to make supper.  Put some salads together already and will most likely make some ham and cheese sandwiches and a side to go with the salads.   I am sure we will then watch another movie or two tonight if we do not go to the car show since there is little on TV that is not a rerun or we have seen before.  The next two days of weather are not suppose to be good.  Lows in the 40s at night and in the 50s and 60s during the day tomorrow and Friday.   Warming slowly over the weekend.  Just hoping the following weekend is good weather since it is Pridefest in Milwaukee.  Always hit and miss with the weather here in Milwaukee for Pridefest being so early in the Summer.  Some years we have lucked out, others it has been a cold rainy weekend and a washout.

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