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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8, 2012 Tuesday Afternoon

Ten years ago on this date I had to say good bye to my first dog, Tiny.   She was the first dog I ever bought.  I was lucky enough to have her in my life for 16 1/2 years.  I 10 years later still think of her daily.

Yesterday after I posted I started looking into making dinner and noticed the bag of lettuce I had was going bad even though the 'best by' date was the next day.  So since it was still early and nice out I decided to walk to Pick N Save and exchange the bag for a fresher one and buy a couple other items.  Ended up buying a pre made meat loaf and a few other items.  Carried them all home.  Spent the night watching Dancing With The Stars.  Have to say I thought the three way dance thing was so cool.  I hate to see any of them go tonight.  Tonight is a double elimination so it should be interesting.  Went to bed around 10:20 PM after a little of the news on TV. 

This morning I was up at 6 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  What a difference the day is when you don't wake up and start your day throwing up.  After Tony left for work I did a half hour work out to some dance music.  I then was feeling ambitious so I mopped the living room and dining room floors, dusting everything in both rooms.  Took me all morning.  It feels like I am getting the last of Barkley out of the house.  Even though it makes me sad.  The house smells so much nicer with him gone and the house starting to get back to being our home rather than a dog pen.  Called Tony after my shower.   He came home so we could go vote together in today's election for Governor.  We are in the middle of a recall election here in Milwaukee.  After we voted and Tony dropped me off I decided to go for a walk before it starts to rain.  Rain is suppose to start later this afternoon and I can see it coming on the radar.  Took a long walk down the bottom trail from Locust Street to North Avenue.  Wish I would have brought my camera which I am going to have to start doing.  Saw some really interesting things.  One was at this one part at the bottom of the hill all the seed from this tree had piled up at least 6 inches in parts.  It was like walking through snow.  It went on for a long time through the part of the trail.  Another part of the trail, just as I was thinking of my chipmunk, which I have not seen for a week and think he might be dead.  I saw one and then a second chipmunk playing in the woods.  Brought a smile to my face that even if my chipmunk is dead there are others in the woods.  I even googled 'where have all the chipmunks gone' last night and believe it or not there are web sights that ponder that same question.  We use to have tons of chipmunks in Wisconsin.  Here are some pictures of the trail I walk.  I took these a couple weeks ago.  I will try to post them an narrate as I go.   Ready......................

These first two pictures is looking down the dead end from the street I live on, and the trail going down to the bike path that is on the top of the river's hill.

From this point down this small trail you get to the bike paths for the college student and people to walk.  Here is looking both ways.

I walk North to Gordon Park and take the gavel trail down the hill to the dirt trail which is down the this huge hill.  It is quite a climb back up if you walk the opposite way around.  In the first picture I turn left through the park.  The second picture is the long steep hill down to the river and dirt trails.
At that point I am under the Locust street bridge.  The first picture is looking up at the bridge.  The second picture is the dirt trail along the river heading south to North Avenue.
So then it is just a nice long walk along the river and on the dirt trail.  Here are some picture along the trail and finally the North Avenue bridge.  It is about a six block distance between bridges.
You can see the North Avenue bridge in the distance in the last picture above.  I then walk back up the hill to the bike trail and take the bike trail back to where I started at the end of the dead end street a half block from our house.

Hope you enjoyed the walk.  As the leaves start filling the trees I will take more pictures in the future as I walk.  Making left over guessed it,  spaghetti for supper tonight.  Tony's sister dropped off some left overs from Sunday this morning.  So I just have to heat it and make a salad and some bread and call it dinner.  Will most likely spend the night watching TV.  I had a good day today.  Wish every day was like today.  Or at least I had as much ambition as I did today.


  1. you sure are brave....walking that distance all by yourself. with all of the shit that goes in walking 3 or 4 scares careful.

  2. hats off to you You are really a great person