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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1, 2012 Wednesday Afternoon

Last night Tony and I walked up the street and ate at Stonefly Bar and Restaurant.  Had a great hamburger and crispy french fries along with a vodka lemonade.  Walked home and spent the night watching the movie This Means War.  It was good enough and kept us entertained.  Went to bed around 10 PM after a little lovin.

Woke up this morning at 6 AM all sweaty.  Got up and fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  I think I must be coming down with something.  Jeez I don't want to get sick.  Read the morning newspaper and then decided to take the large change container to the bank and cash it in, then go to the Pick N Save up in that direction.  Like I have said before, we have 4 Pick N Saves around our house.  The change came to $306, which was more than I had guessed.  Went to Pick N Save with coupons in hand.  Since I had been to the closer Pick N Save by my house on Monday I saw our dog food on sale, but did not have my coupons for it.  Of course it was now not on sale at this Pick N Save.   Bought what I needed and came home and unpacked it all.  Decided to then go to the Pick N Save four blocks away for the dog food I saw on sale Monday.  The bags are regular price of $13.99 on sale for $10.99 according to the sign under the bags, same as Monday.  I also had a $1 coupon that would be doubled today at the store.  Since this is now down to $8.99 I grabbed all three bags on the shelf, since I had four coupons.  Of course when I got to the register and the price came up they did not come up on sale and I had to take the clerk to the aisle and show her the price sign that was under the bags.  Explained to her I saw it last Monday and planned on buying them today, even coming to this store from the other because of the sign and price.  She called the manager and of course I got it at the signed wrong lower price.  Heck, that $5 a bag savings.  It was worth the special trip to get the bags of food, at this cheaper price.  Came home and after I watched TV for an hour I laid down on the bed with the dogs.   Within an hour the phone was ringing, another survey about the President election coming up.  Got up and decided to vacuum the house.  Got the hallway done and moved into the living room with the vacuum only to see smoke coming out of the vacuum.   House now smelling of burned rubber.  Unplugged it and took the vacuum outside and took it apart.  Could not see the problem but every time I turned it on to see it was not fixed or still smoking, it did not sound good and I decided to just unplug it.  I will give it to Tony to take to the shop tomorrow and check it out.  It most likely has vacuumed for the last time.  Damn, a good vacuum that I need for these dogs is not cheap.  Thankfully I plan on going to Walmart tomorrow to buy Vito more Insulin and needles along with a long list of other things, so I will most likely buy a vacuum tomorrow also.  There goes the change container I cashed in today at the bank.  Jeez, just when you think you might have a bit of extra cash something like this happens.  I had this vision of the thing starting on fire in the house and me trying to get it unplugged, fire put out, dogs and house safe, it was not a good vision.  It will be best to just buy a new one I think, it is over 2 years old and with it's life having five dogs for most of it, I think I got what I got out of it.  Just didn't want to buy a new one and spend the money.  Hate unplanned expenses.  Will make some salads for supper tonight, most likely a pizza or something easy to go with the salads.  Will spend the night watching Big Brother and then TV on the DVR before going to bed.   Tomorrow morning I will 'medicate' myself well before going to Walmart.  Being the beginning of the month I better go early in the day.

Here is a picture of Tony and the dogs last night.  This is pretty much our life at night.  Just insert me in between Vito and Kali and this is how we watch TV.
And a short video of Bo and Vito playing tug of war.

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